FK3265 Pedersoli Pennsylvania Rifle Kit - .45 Cal. Flint

FK3265 Pedersoli Pennsylvania Rifle Kit - .45 Cal. Flint

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Kit has barrel blued to prevent rust (not finished). Skill level 1 - Beginners : Stock is 95% inletted. Will require final fitting of metal parts, final sanding & finish. May require some holes to be drilled. Metal may require some minor polishing. May require bluing or browning. Photo is completed gun. REQUIRES AN ADDITONAL $16.00 OVERSIZE CHARGE.

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John Kalisch
2004-07-12 11:11:00
This rifle kit was truely remarkable. It takes alot of time to work on but in the end everything fits toghther perfectly and the parts are of exceptional quality. Makes a beautiful rifle.
Jenifer Jaecks
2006-10-15 02:30:00
I bought this kit a few years ago and it came assembled... a good sign that everything will fit when the gun is complete! This is my second Pedersoli kit and i have been happy with both. all that is left is making the rilfe look good. i have a feeling that the rilfe would shoot straight out of the box
John Maass
2010-04-05 12:27:00
This is an OK gun but over-priced and not up to the best standards of quality. Stock is OK and the gun looks authentic enough (though purists would have some things to say about that.) It is too long to hunt with in brushy conditions. My main problem though is with the lock. When using many types and sizes of flints I have had trouble getting the frizzen to open all the way when hit by the flint. This prevents all of the sparks from getting down to the pan. The cock is strong enough to produce a shower of sparks but for some reason frizzen won't open all the way about 2/3 of the time. Have had pro gunsmiths and 1 dealer look at it--they recommend replacing the lock. No thanks...