FK3270 Pedersoli Pennsylvania Rifle Kit - .50 Caliber Flint

FK3270 Pedersoli Pennsylvania Rifle Kit - .50 Caliber Flint

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Same as the FR3050 except in kit. Barrel is blued to prevent rust (not finished). Skill level 1 - Beginners. REQUIRES AN ADDITIONAL $16.00 OVERSIZE CHARGE.

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Andrew von Bevern
2011-07-16 21:44:00
arrived incredibility fast. Wood looks great need to sand it down a bit was a little bummed that they had done a lot of assembly work pinning in thimbles and barrel. Dis assembly was fun. hope it shoots as good as it looks
James Coleman
2008-03-15 17:24:00
Good quality wood that cleaned up really easy. I reshaped the comb to make it a little closer to traditional architecture. Most of the brass was very good casting except for the butt plate. The butt plate had some shallow grooves that have proved to be hard to file out. Polished the pan it was a little rough in the beginning but was able to get it near mirror finish. After sanding down the \"shipping finish\"" the barrel rust blued rather nicely with LMF browning solution. Lock sparks nicely and hasn't been to rough on the flints so far. First shot ever was a bullseye :D Have had a few flash in the pans but I am confident that those will work out as I get to know the rifle. All in all I am very pleased with the rifle and would suggest it to anybody starting out. Gives you just enough \""trouble\"" to make the finishing process fun. It would have received 5 stars from me if it was more historically accurate and if the butt plate had been cast to the same quality as the rest of the brass."