FK3320 Pedersoli Kentucky Rifle .32 Cal Flint Kit

FK3320 Pedersoli Kentucky Rifle .32 Cal Flint Kit

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This Kentucky .32 caliber flint rifle kit is the same as the other Pedersoli Kentucky rifles with the exception that this is in kit form. Barrel is blued to prevent rust (not finished). Skill level 1. Made by Pedersoli/ Italy.

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Dan Erwin
2003-01-24 18:20:00
Awesome rifle for squirrels. It has a nice pull and is easy to carry around. Perfect for young guns Dan
John Jacklin
2004-12-30 20:04:00
The quality of wood is excellent. Beautiful grain. The brass finishing required is somewhat intimidating. A Dremel kit is most helpful. Wood to metal fit and finish is excellent.
Jacob Dase
2013-02-15 11:23:00
Great looking rifle. Lots of brass work with this but all brass is all inletted. Only complaint is barrel in held with thin little pins of which can be a pain. Would overall recommend to ambitious beginners.
Jamie Pleasant
2007-05-20 20:53:00
I ordered this kit with some small degree of trepidation as I have never taken on a project of this sort. To my immense relief this kit is well-suited I think to the neophyte kit enthusiast who wants something other than the generic Hawkens floating around out there. The lock and sideplate mortises are already perfectly inlet thus saving me much time and grief. All parts were included and Pedersoli even sent an extra bag of all screws. The gun is shipped assembled and must be stripped before beginning the project. I used very few tools on this project; the biggest and most expensive I feel you would need is a bench grinder with buffing wheels for the brass. There were no remaining machining marks on the barrel with the exception of the muzzle area and I was able to remove those easily. I was also very impressed with the quality of the stock as the walnut was beautifully figured and to me at least was worth a premium. I strongly recommend stripping all blueing from barrel and hardware and refinishing with the Dixie Browning Solution. I am very proud and 100% satisfied with this gun and recommend it with zero reservations. Hope this helps and keep your powder dry!
Bruce Kane
2007-12-07 17:09:00
This is a fantastic kit. Couldn't be happier. As usual an excellent Pedersoli weapon. Stock barrel fittings and furniture are all super. 5 stars doesn't say enough.