FK3330 Pedersoli Kentucky Rifle Kit .50 Caliber Flint

FK3330 Pedersoli Kentucky Rifle Kit .50 Caliber Flint

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This Kentucky .50 caliber flint rifle kit is the same as the other Pedersoli Kentucky rifles with the exception that this is in kit form. Barrel is blued to prevent rust (not finished). Skill level 1. Made by Pedersoli/ Italy.

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darren swanick
2011-10-17 10:33:00
This is the first gun that I built. I bought it specifically with the intent to build a hunting gun. I made the purchase with a matching 0.50 cal Kentucky Flint Pistol Kit. It was fun to build the kit. The instructions were virtually non existent so I would recommend also buying the \"how to build a Kentucky Rifle\"" book that Dixie offers. Even if your used to working on B/P weapons take your time to memorize the parts as you disassemble the rifle for finishing. This gun is awesome for accuracy shooting 0.49 round balls at 100 yards. I'm very happy with this weapon."
darren swanick
2012-01-27 17:42:00
Followup: I took my kit rifle and pistol Boar hunting last November and the performance was Awesome! 1 shot at about 40 feet and the round ball passed right through the shoulders and heart of a 200 lb. boar. The boar went about 10 feet and that was that. Very happy with the performance of this rifle and looking foward to buying another kit gun to build this year.
Wayne Thompson
2016-02-08 10:12:00
I really enjoyed working on this kit. This was the first muzzleloader I have \"built\"" and it turned out great! It took me approximately a week and a half of work to complete the kit and get it sighted in. Obviously the greatest amount of effort will be spent in sanding the wood and cast brass parts. Everything else is pretty much fitted and ready to go. Sighting in was very easy. With the front sight centered on the barrel all I had to was adjust for elevation by filing the front sight. I finished with linseed oil and laurel mountain forge barrel brown. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out when it was all said and done."
Connor MacArthur
2016-03-01 19:40:00
Workmanship is unprecedented no extra fitting needed for brass parts only relatively light sanding required on stock. fit and finish fantastic brass parts precisely cast shooting is fantastic touch hole placement is perfect. could not be more pleased with my purchase.
Bruce Kappel
2011-08-26 17:46:00
If you like sanding filing sanding polishing sanding and buffing a gun kit is for you. The in-letting is great. Lock is great. Only used a wood chisel briefly to level out the patch box. Used Birchwood Casey Tru Oil as a finish which really brought out the European walnut stock grain. This is a classy kit and finished product looks great. DGW packaged the rifle in bullet proof packaging and arrived in a timely manner. 2 complaints- 1. The instruction book is abysmal so would recommend going slowly using hand tools except for buffing. 2. The ramrod was difficult to remove as it interfered with the trigger plate. Just leaving it in place and will use a range rod when shooting. 4 stars would have been 5 if the ramrod did not interfere.