FR0157 Dixie Pedersoli 1777 Charleville Musket

FR0157 Dixie Pedersoli 1777 Charleville Musket

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An exact copy of the famous French flintlock musket modified and employed during the 9th year of the French Revolutions. Different from the 1777 Charleville (our FR0930) in that the "Corrige An IX" has 3 barrel bands held in place with retaining springs instead of screws. Frizzen is a slightly different shape and lockplate is marked differently. This is a .69 caliber fullstock. The barrel is armory bright and tapered round. Features a steel furniture left bright, lockplate marked. Manufactured by Pedersoli/Italy. REQUIRES AN ADDITIONAL $16.00 OVERSIZE CHARGE.

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John Wagner
2004-01-18 19:59:00
Look no further. This is the finest firelock I've ever held be it custom made or regular production. Whether fit finish or function this musket takes the blue ribbon. The recommendations from Dixie need to be revamped though. Here are my recommendations: 1. Use a self rolled paper cartridge with a .640 round ball (Dixie made the mould for me and it's great!). Dixie's recommendation of a .680 patched ball just doesn't work well past about 3 shots. Load it the way soldiers did (and as I recommed above) and you can fire ACCURATELY all day long. 2. Use a 3/4 inch English flint. It's perfect. The 1\" flint is way too big and will not allow the weapon to function properly. Set the flint in a lead leather so that a single sheet of paper could just slip between the flint edge and frizzen when in the half-cock position. This musket just can't be beat! I can't recommend it enough. My family and friends - we are all expert woodsmen hunters and soldiers - were impressed beyond words the day it arrived last spring. Since then I've fired 500+ rounds..........dead on target! In the field the musket cleans easily and is as robust a arm as any soldier could ask for. STOP SHOPPING AND START BUYING! You won't be disappointed."
Wayne Cope
2005-02-01 18:06:00
This musket is an absolute work of art. I bought it with the matching white strap as a Christmas present to myself and wasn't disappointed. I've had it to the range twice and people line up behind me for the chance to shoot it. A caution... it is so long it makes my 1858 Naval Enfield look like a musketoon. It's not likely it will fit into any of your gun cases.. so you will probable have to custom make a case. I've ordered the bayonet and am going to mount it on the wall in my office.. with the bayonet I figure it will look like it is about 9 feet long and act as a warning not to crank me up. Wayne Cope
John Ouderkirk
2007-06-29 20:37:00
I agree with John Wagner except that I am using a 1\" Frech Amber Flint which works just fine. Unbelievable accruacy for a smooth bore. His advice was perfect = stop shopping and start buying!"
Todd Pettigrew
2012-03-27 19:52:00
This is a well made musket. The sparking of the lock is excellent with sparks dancing in the pan. I was worried about the touch hole location being located too low in the pan but 10 to 15 grains of FFg as priming powder works reliably. The frizzen to pan fit is perfect. Trigger pull is heavy due to main spring forces but similar to other muskets I have fired. The wood finish is beautiful. Cleaning is easy with barrel the bands and the gun breaks down in seconds. I have live fired paper cartridges with buckshot buck & ball .662 cal slugs and bird shot loads. The versatility of a musket is unmatched. The balance of this longarm is surprisingly good a testament to the 17th century design. Ownership has been 6 months. Initially I was only getting 12\" groups at 25 yards during the first few sessions. After learning its sight picture I have been able to get consistent 5\"" groups at 50 yards off hand. This musket is just fun to shoot."