FR0810 Pedersoli 2nd Model Brown Bess Musket

FR0810 Pedersoli 2nd Model Brown Bess Musket

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This Second Model Brown Bess is an exact reproduction of the musket manufactured in England by Grice in 1762. Features a American walnut one-piece fullstock 54" long, satin finish, with 2 1/2" drop and 14 1/2" trigger pull. Barrel is .75 caliber left in the bright, 42" long tapered round 1.250" at breech to .890" at muzzle, smoothbore (.750" diameter). Front sight is steel stud which serves as bayonet lug. Flintlock uses 1" flints. Brass furniture, lockplate border line engraved "Grice 1762" on tail w/ crown and "GR" ahead of hammer. Single trigger. Sling swivels, steel head ramrod (10x32 male thread). Gun is 58 1/4" in overall length and weighs 9 lbs. Load with 70 grains of FFg black powder and patched .735 round ball. Made by Pedersoli in Italy. Also available in Kit form. REQUIRES AN ADDITIONAL $16.00 OVERSIZE CHARGE.

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Ben Grant
2004-06-14 08:34:00
The 2nd Model Brown Bess by Pedersoli is a faithful reproduction. I am not as schooled in the originals as I wish I was. However on a recent trip to Williamsburg they had quite a number of originals in the magazine/armory side by side with these same reproductions. From those side by side observations they are very close indeed. The fit and finish is great. Functions great. The lock is tight. It is accurate (for a smoothbore... you can hit an 18\"x18\"" piece of paper at 100 yards with a bit of trigger control). I have shot un-patched .730 ball with 60 to 120 FF grain loads. I wouldn't advise the 120 grain load unless you enjoy the kick. 70 to 80 grain loads seem to give the most consistent accuracy. The lock works fine with FF powder in the pan but I bought a pan primer with FFFF powder and it works well. My only gripe is the ramrod. I am not sure if the button head screwed onto the rod on the originals but have a feeling they didn't. Mine started to come loose. It is a minor detail that a few moments with some silver solder and a MAPP torch can correct. Or lock-tight if you want to go that route."
Adam Komoroski
2005-04-14 09:45:00
Pedersoli makes one of the best semi-custom guns around for the price. I have this gun and the 20 gauge shotgun from them. This musket puts out the most amazing spark from the frizzon. The action is great and weight is very evenly distributed across the gun. Also does very well as being a shotgun. 80 grains of FFg and 1 5/8 ounce of shot spreads a nice pattern. I am extremely happy to own a piece of history and being able to shoot it is even better!
Terry Sullivan
2005-06-09 09:30:00
Excellent kit! Just enough material had to be removed to make it interesting and fun. The lock works amazingly well have not had a mis-fire with it yet. For a musket it is reasonably accurate as well - no problem hitting a 6 inch target at 50 yards - works well with a 60-70 grain FFg load. Pedersoli makes a quality product - I'd highly recommend it to anyone.
Ted in Tallahassee
2005-10-12 14:33:00
I bought mine in the mid-80's cast my own .735\" balls (Lyman mold) and use with thin patch lubed with Crisco or Bore Butter. Loaded with 90 gns. FFg this thing is VERY accurate it astounds me and everyone else. Beautiful gun too. I stripped the stock and refinished with linseed oil looks better to my eye. I drilled out the flash hole threaded it and put in a liner which had a hollowed area on the inside so as to make the main charge a bit closer to the flashpan. Also removed the hammer applied some heat and bent the jaw-part downward some and built up a tiny bit of metal with a welder on the shelf that stops the forward movement of the hammer. This made the geometry right when using 1\"" flints (or larger). Is now 100% reliable with fast ignition. GREAT GUN! "
John Stewart
2006-06-13 13:20:00
As soon as I purchased gun I had the finish stripped and applied a hand rubbed oil finish. This brought out some of the figuring in the stock. Parts are well made and fit is good.