KA1201 Burnside Brass Case

KA1201 Burnside Brass Case

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These turned brass cases are new made for the Civil War Burnside carbine. Originals are almost impossible to find today and if you could find them, they would be impractical and too expensive to shoot. This new case is made exactly like the old original and will last for many shots as long as you keep it clean.

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Ed Rooney
2006-05-09 21:51:00
The cases are very nicely done. I loaded and fired six rounds with out a miss. The fit between block and barrel was perfect If you have a Burnside these cases are a good way to go. I am purchasing more.
Erik Schultz
2009-10-23 10:16:00
First rate. The brass is very high quality and very consistent. very happy with this purchase
Carl Calkins
2013-05-17 23:15:00
I ordered 4 of these years ago but just today got the Burnside up and running. They work well with just a trace of soot on the outside of the fired cases. What a hoot! Guess I'll have to order more.