MC0614 Traditions Napoleon Cannon small scale

MC0614 Traditions Napoleon Cannon small scale

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Detailed scale models of the originals, these sophisticated shooting cannons are not only popular with muzzleloading enthusiasts but are decorative pieces of furniture for home or office. Two sizes - both nickel plated with dished wood wheels; extremely high quality. This is the small cannon and is a .50 caliber smoothbore. Barrel is 7 1/2", overall length is 14", height is 6 1/2; and weight is 4lbs. The ball diameter is .490.

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Joe Scott
2006-01-26 14:35:00
This is a very high quality nice looking piece. Sometime after I aquired the cannon a friend gave me the limber that matches the gun. I have fired it numerous times with newspaper wadding over about 50 gr. of pyrodex or American Pioneer fffg powder. It takes green cannon fuse that I got at a gunshow or available at Dixie GW. With 50 gr and tight newspaper wadding it makes a very loud report. The little cannon will recoil pretty well too. Most of the time it sits on the mantle with it's limber under my Navy Officers Sword and Kentucky Rifle. It is a fun piece.
Trevor Tuminello
2011-05-21 06:52:00
My wife bought this cannon for me for Christmas and I absolutely love it! It is very well made and has a perfect nickel plate finish on the barrel that shines like chrome. I have fired it EVERY SINGLE DAY at least once a day since Christmas. It is my new daily ritual. I have put over 100 rounds of .490 swaged round ball with .015 thick patch using 25 grains of ffg powder and easily over 300 blank load firings. It's accurate enough to hit a 6 inch target at 10 yards. For blank loads I use 45-50 grains of ffg powder with two squares of toilet paper packed tight. It makes a very loud boom for such a small cannon. I once set off a car alarm from 75 yards away. It only weighs 4 pounds but it's a ton of fun! You can see videos of my cannon firing on youtube. Just search \"mickeymurrs\"" and see for yourself how awesome this little cannon is in action. Anything that's this fun is worth every penny of the price."