MG4302 Coonskin Cap

MG4302 Coonskin Cap

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Around 1755, early in the fur trade through Pennsylvania and Ohio, Pitt’s landing (or Ft. Pitt) was settled at the confluence of the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers. The settlement was later called Pittsburgh; it is at this juncture that the Ohio River forms. Furs were traded down the river to Cincinnati where a thriving fur market developed during the latter part of the 18th century. That trade exists there today. Each hat is made of two professionally tanned hides; it has a flat crown and straight sides with the appropriate tail attached at the back. The animal’s face has also been tanned and attached to the front of the fur hat. Each hat is lined in quilted cotton; available in one size only (large, 7 1/4” to 7 ½”), but the lining can be sized to fit.

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Timothy Bernal
2005-06-10 20:51:00
Well made cap...high quality. I do believe Daniel & Davy would both be proud to wear this replica