MI0833 Buttstock Compass

MI0833 Buttstock Compass

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Seen on a few old rifles, usually near the buttplate on the left side. Do not let it touch the metal! Compass is 3/4" diameter X 5/16" deep. Drill the hole slowly to eliminate splitting the wood. Firmly press into place over a drop of glue. NOT recommended for original guns, always use on reproductions.

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Thomas Garcia
2007-04-16 15:22:00
I bought one of these for giggles and installed it in my knock around shot gun. It's a compass not much to screw up on it. Except... Look at the \"S\"" and the \""N\"" for north.... The \""E\"" and \""W\"" are oriented the same way as the \""S\"" but the \""N\"" is a \""Z\""... But hey it's a $3 plastic compass."