NP2000 Nipple - 5/16 X 18 Steel (English Size - Musket Cap Size)

NP2000 Nipple - 5/16 X 18 Steel (English Size - Musket Cap Size)

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For reproduction Parker Hale Enfields.

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Jerry Coffee
2007-11-19 14:00:00
This review may save some people time and expense locating the correct nipple for spares or a replacement. This 5/16\" x 18 nipple will not seat in my defarbed ArmiSport P53 3-band Enfield. However the DGW NP1430 nipple will seat properly. That is because the NP1430 nipple has incomplete threads under the seat that will allow the nipple to fully seat. It tried five other 5/16\""-18 nipples from other suppliers and the DGW NP1430 is the only one that seats properly. It is the exact same nipple that came with my ArmiSport P53 Enfield. The ArmiSport P53 Endfield usually has a 8x1 nipple however for some reason mine had a 5/16\""-18 nipple when I received it from the defarbing company. The company said they did not rethread the nipple hole in the bolster."