Shipping & Returns

  1. Shipping charges on your order will be calculated using the following chart. These charges as shown include ALL shipping, handling, insurance fees and backorder costs.

    Order AmountS/H Charge (Insurance incl.)
    >greater than 250.00>$16.95

    NOTE: A $2.00 surcharge is applied to Pacific Coast States (California, Washington, Oregon), and to Hawaii and Alaska. Canadian and Foreign orders will incur a $10.00 surcharge.

    There will be an additional charge of $16.00 for a package measuring over 84" in length and girth combined.

  2. These charges are based on surface rates and do not include any extra charges which may occur for Air Mail or United Parcel Service Next Day or 2nd Day Air Service.

  3. 2nd Day Air Delivery: For additional charges we can ship any reasonable size package (if order is received by 11:00 AM, CST) to be delivered 2nd Day Air to all 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska.

    For UPS 2nd Day Air, add $24.00 to the above charges ($28.00 for Hawaii and Alaska)

  4. 24 Hour Delivery: For additional charges we can ship any reasonable size package (if order is received by 11:00 AM, CST) to be delivered the next day to all 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska.

    For UPS Next Day Air or Federal Express, add $32.00 to the above charges ($37.00 for Hawaii and Alaska)

  5. Please advise if you prefer parcel post service or United Parcel Service (UPS). If you do not state, we will ship by UPS whenever possible.

  6. On large orders that must be shipped by TRUCK, the order will be shipped with FREIGHT CHARGES COLLECT and this chart will not apply.

  7. The preceding postage chart does not apply to foreign shipments. Maximum length for parcel post shipping is 42 inches. Shipments that cannot move parcel post can be shipped AIR FREIGHT, with shipping charges collect. Foreign buyers are charged actual amount of shipping plus $10.00 surcharge. State whether preference is Surface, Air Mail or Air Freight.

  8. Adjustments to shipping & handling charges may be required on certain orders.

Antique Arms

The purchaser is responsible for postage for any returned items. On items returned after the five day inspection period, we reserve the right to refuse to accept the return or to charge a restocking fee. We always stand behind our merchandise and will refund on items which are inadvertently misrepresented.

We will endeavor to update the availability of specific items in a timely manner. However, it is possible that an item which appears to be in stock is no longer available. If this is the case, you will be notified of the sold out items. Please note that firearms which are noted as Dealer or Resident Only must be shipped to a federally licensed dealer. Shipping charges are $8.00 for handguns and $15.00 for long guns - this is a PER ITEM CHARGE. We are required to use an expedited service for shipping certain firearms, and these will require additional shipping charges.

GUN COLLECTIONS WANTED: We need collections of antique firearms. We are not particularly interested in guns made after 1898 but will accept them if they are in small quantities and part of an antique collection. So, load your car up for a visit to Dixie Gun Works and bring your gun collection to us. We will make a fair and bona fide offer. No collection is too large or too small!

TRADES: We will take in trade original muzzleloading pistols or long guns. Send or bring guns with best trade price.

GIFT CERTIFICATES: We have available gift certificates for any amount of money you wish to spend; redeemable at any time. Just the thing for special occasions when you are not sure what to give. When sending for the certificates pleas specify the dollar amount desired along with your name and address and the name and address of the person to whom it is being given. According to your wishes we can mail it directly to the individual or to you.

ACCURACY: Our method of packing sends each item through a series of checks to see that the merchandise is correct. This does not mean that we are not subject to errors - we certainly are, but we believe that we are as precise as possible. Should you miss an item, look closely in the packing material for either the item or a letter of explanation.

PRICING ACCURACY: Although we try to accurately price every item on our website, we sometimes make mistakes. Should the prices between our hardcopy catalog and website conflict, the price found in our hardcopy catalog shall determine the sale price of the product(s) in question.

BACKORDERS: We try not to let backorders occur, but cannot pretend that they will not from time to time. Certain items are occasionally in short supply and delivery from the manufacturers unusually slow. Items made in foreign countries can be unexpectedly tied up in U.S. Customs. When a backorder does occur we will ship the item to you the same day we receive it from the manufacturer. When inquiring about an order, please refer to our invoice number, invoice date, items ordered and amount of remittance, if any. To enable us to give your order the fast service you expect and deserve, please keep inquiries separate from orders.

GUARANTEES: All merchandise is guaranteed and returnable at any time provided it has not been altered, abused or worn out. However, for our guarantee to be valid, it must be returned by the person who purchased the item from us originally. You do not need a reason to return something - just write that you are returning it. Any damage claims due to express or freight transportation must be made by the receiver. Our guarantee is void if any alteration has occurred. Write first before returning defective or altered merchandise. We will not exchange or refund on any item unless the invoice for that item is enclosed.

SORRY/QUESTIONS: Do not ask for items not listed in the catalog - they are not available. An extreme example was a fellow from Chicago who sent $100.00 and asked me to send a Colt Dragoon barrel with 90% original finish. So, please don't send in money for something that is not listed. Also, because of the tremendous amount of secretarial work involved, we cannot answer questions.